Simple. A new and better way to manage dirt.


You have projects that you need to finish. You can’t waste time driving around hoping to find excess dirt. Where will you find the fill your projects need today?

Don’t worry! We know how you feel & have created the perfect tool for you!


Just like when you need dirt, when you have excess dirt, you can’t waste time hunting for a place to dump it. You need to move it fast because the landscapers will be on-site tomorrow!

Don’t worry! We know how you feel & have created the perfect tool for you!


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    Create a DIGNDIRT account and create an offer. Your offer will be viewed by DIGNDIRT Members who need or have fill for their projects near your offer, and they can reach out to you.

    Member $20 monthly

    Become a DIGNDIRT Member and you can see all the other offers that match yours. With a tap of your finger, you contact any of these offers directly to work out the details. You’ve just saved hours of dirt hunting! You’re so smart!

    Full Access $40 monthly

    Signup for DIGNDIRT Full Access and enjoy the benefits of being a Member plus unlimited, free Urgent offers each month.

    Urgent $25 each

    If you have an urgent need, simply select Urgent when creating your offer and a DIGNDIRT expert will contact you to personally connect you with matching offers for a small fee.

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EQ TRACKER makes it easy to track the location of all your equipment

Stay ahead of the competition, give your clients quick turn around times for their dirt hauling needs